Indeed bad times for toiletslave

Facesitting and defecating combined in only one scene! See this very beautiful honeyass sitting naked on her slave's face and railing his mouth lustfully! As his nose penetrates her anus, if he wants or not, it's like a button he's pushing because his dominatrix has to release her diarrhea instantly while still sitting on his face! The feces wipes all over his face while she resumes moving her ass and puss back and forth..

Really bad times for toiletslave

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Very first timer Kiki shits on slave

Dominatrix Kiki has never used a human toilet before but she was very excited to attempt it! She sits down on the portable toilet and at very first she is jumpy but after she starts pushing out her very first turd her slaves face she feels better. She keeps pushing and she fills her slaves mouth with her creamy logs and even some of her hot golden nectar as she shits into his mouth.

First timer Kiki shits on slave

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Lady Morgana takes a piss

Lady Morgana is a sexy black-haired domme that takes her slave for a walk in the forest when she makes him lay down and get naked next to a fallen tree. She then gets naked as well and then she takes and squats down over him and spreads her hairless twat with her fingers and busts her slave with her fresh piss. She covers him with her golden shower and then orders him to slurp her beaver clean.

Lady Morgana takes a piss

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A pretty doll is greedy

A pretty doll is going to eat and drink a excellent deal of food and water, because she has plans later on in the day for eating all of her own poop. She was nosey to the taste, therefore she will open her mouth and put in all of her nice orange feces inwards and guzzle. She thinks her feces taste really good and she can’t wait to eat more.

A pretty doll is hungry

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Five Girl Shit Eating Party

These five pretty but aggressive friends sit around and suspend out like any other normal damsels. The difference is that these damsels have a human toilet right there so they can sit there and crap in his mouth while they dangle out. They talk as if nothing is strange, but their crap eating slave is lying on the floor with their smelly shit packed in his mouth and smeared all over his face.

5 Girl Shit Eating Party

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Sexy dominatrix demands scat action

A very sexy woman is going to request that she gets all respect from her slave. Her objective is to have him get ready to commence being trained as a toilet slave. She is sick and tired of hearing them complain, therefore he is going to be disciplined decently. All he is going to do is open his mouth from now on, because it will be packed with lots of warm creamy kaviar.

Sexy mistress demands scat action

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My Big Fat Poo Hd Version

Today, you’ll be gobbling my arse with your tongue. Come as far as possible, to facilitate the flow of a big fat crap from my booty, that you will have for dinner tonight, my toilet slave. Now open your mouth and do not close until I let you. Gigantic long turd goes directly into your mouth. You’ll have to munch it until it’s over. Did you like it? Of course. Now I shove in your mouth remains of crap. Munch my high-heeled slippers, suck my toes, fuck. This is your fate, stupid scum. Get lost from here. When I need your mouth, I’ll call you.

My Big Fat Shit Hd Version

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