Lady Amy uses very first human toilet

Lady Amy is a sexy domina wearing suntan stockings and a white blouse as she attends a scat party in her honor because today is going to the be the very first day that she shits in a human toilet. This sexy domina then squats down over her slaves face and her puckering butthole starts to squeeze out a creamy geyser that grounds on her slaves face and into his open mouth and he munches every last bite.

Lady Amy uses first human toilet

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Toilet slavery at it’s finest

A toilet slave is only existing to suck and gulp, every time his domina sits on her toilet chair above his face and shits her turds out of her intestines. No one's interested in his worthless penis, but he knows, that he's gonna receive a penalty for bad work, that's far beyond his agony barrier. He's the only one that is interested in his salami, and so he defends it from penalty by chewing and guzzling every piece of shit. A good toilet slave can avoid punishment. Maybe.

Toilet slavery at it's finest

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Lady Amy uses her human toilet

Lady Amy is a sexy domme wearing sunburn stockings with a white blouse as she sits around the living room with her friends. She then has to take a massive poop so she makes her toilet slave come into the room and lay down on the floor. She then squats above his head slightly and then starts pushing out her rock-hard logs from her taut anus and has them land on top of her slaves face and into his mouth.

Lady Amy uses her human toilet

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Abasing slave session with scatburger

Some extra abasement is planned for this slave. He got manhandled two times before that day, but as he's so obedient, it's real joy to use him several times a day! Miss Jane and Cherie use him as their toilet and bring fresh issues to their meeting. Lady Jane created a burger with turd-filling for her slave that she'll feed him with, but she's not entirely eased yet and he has to crawl underneath the toilet chair once more. In inbetween the ladies humiliate him with their whip and their ruinous words!

Humiliating slave session with scatburger

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Two Domina & A New Slave! Full Movie

He’s youthfull and fresh and very much willing to learn. They have to break him in indeed good before sending him to their valued clients. They take turns sitting on his face to make sure he can hold his breath for as long as he can. They each took a piss at a pitcher and make him drink all the contents. They also take turns defecating on floor. They pick up the poop nuggets using a metal panty and feeds him with it. He has to be able to eat all the poo and drink all the piss in order to pass the slave training.

2 Mistress & A New Slave! Full Movie

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Trampling Or Spitting

We have a slave who actually has its shooting today already behind him.
But since I still lack a movie he has to run again. I do not care, that
he can scarcely stand because his back was trampled and whipped
recently, ultimately his face is still entirely intact. But I let him
choice whether we do a trampling movie or spitting-pissing movie. Now he
has a problem, because he does not want to gulp slobber or piss and
trampling is bad for his wounded bod. As his disgust for slobber is too
big, he opts for trampling. Of course, I commence the movie identically as
painful as possible, I put my high-heeled shoes exactly on his puffies and place
myself with utter weight on it, the slaves we can indeed suffer from our
heels, then we decide nevertheless to to spit in his mouth. His disgust
and his gag spurs us continually to spit on him continually. Then I pull
my panties aside and still piss on his skull which was great fun for me
and Cherie.

Trampling Or Spitting

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