Poop On My Foot

Today I caught a boy looking around in my things. So – my clothes seem to be liked by him, so he must wear some of them. That was real joy! As the stud massages my feet I truly need to go to the toilet – but for what are those guys here? For being my toilet of course! I crap into his mouth and help him eating with my foot! Afterwards the stud must clean my feet with his tongue!

Shit On My Foot

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Dominatrix Sonya shits on slaves face

Dominatrix Sonya has gotten up early and has eating a big breakfast she has had three eggs and six sausages and two glasses of milk and is ready to take a massive feces. Her slave is still sleeping so she moves her custom-built crap chair over her slaves face and after the big breakfast she cant hold it any longer so she lets it go one big long feces and it goes straight in to her slaves mouth as he wakes up he slurps every inch of her nasty log and rinses it down with some warm piss.

Mistress Sonya shits on slaves face

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Lady Antropa Very first Time Shitting

This is Lady Antropa’s very first time defecating on camera so she is dressed nice for the occasion in black stockings. She leans down on a miniature toilet and shits out big turds with a smile on her face. She is going to be a scat goddess in not time. She is a natural at defecating for the camera. Her next step is abasing fellows with toilet slavery and making them eat her shit.

Lady Antropa First Time Shitting

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Domme makes videos for her fans

When you have become as popular in the scat fetish world as Alexa has, you have to please the request for your movies. To do this, she makes a lot of movies so that her fans can love them. And she makes a lot of money from the subscriptions. But she has to make sure she gives them value for their money and she does this by having crazy and uncensored defecating movies.

Mistress makes videos for her fans

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