My Lunch Is Good

So I walk along and a stupid boy bumps into me. Now his lunch is on the floor, but I am so nice and prepare another lunch for him. I poo in his plate and decorate the result with my "smarties".

My Lunch Is Good

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Domina Gaia punishes slave cruelly

Domme Gaia had a fresh slave and she had tolerated him enough. She wished to penalize him so that he could know that she was not her equal. He needed to know who was boss and today she had to display him. She took him by surprise and made him lie on the bed before she facesat on him and coerced him to eat her poop and smell her farts. He was degraded but he learned his lesson.

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Domme Gaia shits on slave

Domina Gaia desired to showcase this slave who was boss inbetween the two of them. She had been lenient on this slave and he embarked to manhandle it. She made the slave lie down and actually tied him up cruelly. Then she made him open his mouth and he would never have guessed what she made him eat. She made him eat her crap and he had to swallow it.

Mistress Gaia shits on slave

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Urgent Defecating with Young Girls

These two youthfull brunettes have a crap fetish. They like to get together and poo everywhere so they can compare their turds and see how chunky and smelly their feces is. They get poop all over the place and sit down in it so it spreads all over their butt. They don’t hesitate to make fellows be their toilet slaves either because that is all that men are good for.

Urgent Shitting with Young Girls

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Melissa is so aggressive

This domme can be very brutal because she is so creative when it comes time to have some joy with hard-core scat activity. She has always been interested in doing things to human toilet slaves that can be considered enormously mean, because she does not care who they are or what they are about. She is going to make a slave feel totally believe it because he is going to be eating crap cake.

Melissa is so cruel

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