Doll’s Make Diaper Boy Eat Shit

Petite and adorable Miss Jane and her friend are more fierce than they look. They find a loser in a diaper by the railroad tracks. They humiliate him by pulling off his diaper. They piss and poop in it then wrap it around his head making him slurp and drink their piss and eat their poo that fills the diaper. They throw stones at him and pursue him away when they are done.

Girls Make Diaper Boy Eat Shit

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Big booty Jessica takes massive poo

Domme Jessica has a big round booty and she has to take a massive crap. She sits down on the portable toilet with the slave under her sexy booty. Her butt is so massive that it drapes down into the toilet seat and over the edges. She starts pushing and her creamy logs come out of her butt and flow into her slaves open mouth just inches below her massive butt.

Big booty Jessica takes massive shit

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Sonja is on a poop mission

Sonja is a lovely lady that has a yam-sized fetish for defecating. However, her shits are very interesting, because at the bottom of the cup is her defecating slave laying on the ground waiting to take in all of her poo. Her defecating slave is well trained and knows that he must eat all of her feces to keep her glad. She always gives him a big load.

Sonja is on a shit mission

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Bizarre Act With Silicone Godess

The Silicone Domina is back again to our studio for another abasement clip. She call her slave to idolize her beautiful gams in crimson stockings, high high-heeled shoes and prepare him for worst : to be her utter toilet again, another day, better meal than anything. She drool in his mouth and at the final she order her toilet to keep a plate to can deposit her waste on it. The continuation of this brilliant clip is obviously : the toilet will eat and guzzle her ideal meal while she will fuck his booty with her HUGE strapon !! All filmed also by Godess at the end, from her point of view.

Bizarre Action With Silicone Godess

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