Slave Drinks Mistress Alysha’s Piss

Alysha is a predominant blonde piss mistress who saved up a bladder total of piss so it can all go into the mouth of her piss slave. He kneels in front of her and she starts squirting piss. He sees it ejaculating out and puts his mouth down next to her g-spot so he can drink every drop. He attempts to position his mouth right over her pussy so it won’t spill.

Slave Drinks Queen Alysha's Piss's Piss's Piss

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Domme Gaia records herself shitting

Dominatrix Gaia loves defecating. There is nothing she loves as much as she loves to feces and record herself. She does it so that she can go back and observe it all over again and get excited and do it again. She does not do it so as to humiliate anyone. She actually cleans up after herself after she has poo on the ground in whichever part of the house she feels like doing it in.

Mistress Gaia records herself shitting

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#437 One Shit Brownies

I haven’t been feeling well the last duo weeks, I was lounging around still in my pajamas then I got a knock at the door. I received a sexy little crimson and black dress from one of my servants. I still had bedhead hair, but I almost instantly felt a little better, and then I needed to poo! I went into my kitchen wearing my sexy fresh dress letting you adore my curvy figure before pushing out my feces for you. I want you to eat up all of my kaviar in a some yummy poo brownies that I prepare for you to make your Queen more powerful and stronger with each bite that you take of my shit treats. Adore all that comes out of my sexy Goddess ass!

#437 One Poop Brownies

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Mean domme dominates very harshly

A mean dominatrix has had enough of her slave and his nonsense. She is going to train him a lesson once and for all. The lesson is going to be very brutal involving cigarettes, and she is also going to take a fat kaviar right on top of him. The slave will never again disobey any instructions and will welcome the domina’s poo over and over again.

Mean mistress dominates very harshly

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Training To Be A Toilet Slave

So you indeed want to become my toilet slave? Did you give that enough thought? You know, once you cross this line, there’s no going back. Only my best slaves will have the honor of serving me that close – so you better work hard to please me. In the beginning you’ll use your tongue to clean my toilet and later the real toilet slavery starts. I won’t need a normal toilet any more then as you’ll be used as my toilet then – for everything!

Training To Be A Toilet Slave

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Domina Gaia lets her slave out

Domina Gaia has her slave patiently waiting inwards his bad boy box and now is the time to ultimately let him out and take him through his paces. She orders him to crawl out on all fours to eat her boots before his feeding time. Once he’s done, she orders him to his back and gives him a long drink of her drool. Then she gives him the main course with a giant poop in his mouth.

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Domina Roberta Sucking Heels Before Breakfast

This morning in order to be feed my individual slave must suck my high-heeled slippers and after i get him his breakfast, very first urinating and next defecating in his mouth packing his face and mouth with my dhiareeaand poke him with my high-heeled slippers and humiliating him giving him more shit and with the paper i whipe i gather all the shit on his face into his mouth

Mistress Roberta Sucking Heels Before Breakfast

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