Sexy domina shits on the floor

This sexy domina gets on her arms and knees on the floor while naked and gets ready to take a massive poop just for you to love as the camera gets nice and close to catch the act of the crap coming out of her taut anus. The first 2/3’s of the log is firm and solid and then followed by the rest of the shit nice and creamy and runny and you get to enjoy it all!

Sexy mistress shits on the floor

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Miss Jane uses her toilet

Miss Jane shits, pisses and slobbers in the slaves mouth. The loser has no choice, despite his disgust he guzzles it all as best as he can. Eventually, he is appointed as a studio toilet and has no right to deny this service. He gets his face covered and his mouth packed with delicious kaviar and he guzzles down every single last drop before taking a whole new set of loads.

Miss Jane uses her toilet

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Biology In The Damsels School

Our teacher is a loser and does everything I want. For our joy I brought
a ball pillory to the lesson. Of course, the teacher is used to showcase,
how this thing works! According to the biology lesson, feces into the
teachers mouth and let him gulp my piss. Sweetbaby checks out her
high high-heeled slippers on his assets. In the end, we drool into his mouth. What a loser!

Biology In The Girls School

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Denise shits on beau’s face

Denise wished to trample and strangle her bf when an idea struck her. Instead of using just her booty to do it and facesit on him, why not make it more interesting. So she eliminated her underwear and her bf thought that they were going to have the good old Sixty nine. But to his surprise, she facesat on him and then without a care, took a dump on his face!

Denise shits on boyfriend's face

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Scat slave gets poop on

The toilet slave is under the grace of the two hot dark-haired goddesses as they take turns defecating into the slaves open mouth. The slave is laid out on the living room floor as the woman’s each take their turn squatting over his face and promptly defecating into his open mouth. He licks all of their crap like a good little slave boy opening his mouth for them.

Scat slave gets shit on

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Mommy Makes Baby Eat Poop!

My vulnerable little baby, Mommy loves making you suffer. You are my sweet little toilet slave baby. I love making you eat my crap and drink my piss, baby. You’re so petite and vulnerable, you have to do everything I tell you to do. And I can do anything I want to you, baby. I can make you slurp my labia, I can kaviar in your diapers and your bottle and even shove my poop down your mouth! I can ass-plug your little baby arse and order you to wear dirty diapers forever! You are mine, baby!
You love your Mommy, don’t you? You love Mommy’s sexy bod! Mommy’s big jummy milk packed boobies? And you love Mommy’s booty! You know that’s where your food comes from! You eat nothing but Mommy’s feces! And you drink nothing but Mommy’s piss!
But today I have a special treat for you! I’m going to let you drink milk from a bottle! But very first Mommy is going to crap in your diaper and in your bottle! You will be drinking milk from a bottle with Mommy’s poop in it while you sit in a diaper packed with Mommy’s shit! You are going to stink so bad while you drink your feces bottle!
I hope you love sitting in your shitty diaper, baby! It’s going to be a long time before I switch you! Now eat Mommy’s feces and be a good baby!

Mommy Makes Baby Eat Shit!

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