Tegan attempts her forearm at scat fetish

Tegan desired to make a movie and post it online and see how many likes and views it would get. She was fresh to scat fetish and she desired to make sure that she was headed in the right direction. She posted a movie of herself defecating and waited for the likes. She got some likes and a considerable number of page views because people like to check out amateurs.

Tegan tries her hand at scat fetish

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Dominatrix Victoria pisses in slaves mouth

Domme Victoria is a sexy dominatrix wearing black boots and stockings as she squats over her slaves face and starts pissing into his open mouth. She fills his mouth with her hot piss and makes her slave drink every drop of her hot piss. Her slave opens his mouth even broader so that the sexy domme can piss more and more into his mouth and he can love every last drop of her golden nectar.

Mistress Victoria pisses in slaves mouth

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Domina Sonya shits on slaves face

Sonya and her two friends take turns defecating on the toilet slaves face as he lies underneath them on the toilet seat. The three doll’s make an absolute mess out of the slaves face providing him the brown stinky smelly shits all over his face. The women take their time squeezing out their shits as they sit over him on the toilet seat letting it come out over his face

Dominatrix Sonya shits on slaves face

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Slave must clean up poo

The worthless slave was ordered to clean the stairway with the mop and his domme made his task a little more difficult as she squats down and takes a gigantic long feces onto the floor. She makes an absolute mess of the stairwell with her snake length brown feces and the slave is ordered to munch that up and clean it too. She also pisses in his mouth and makes him clean

Slave must clean up shit

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Slave gets packed up with shit

This toilet slave is having his mouth and belly packed up with his sexy mistresses creamy kaviar as they all come home after eating out and they use him as their human toilet. These sexy mistresses sit down on top of him one by one and cover him with their creamy and almost water kaviar and makes him eat every last bite of their smelly, creamy warm poop straight from their sexy booties.

Slave gets filled up with shit

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Utterly Shitty Toilet Slave Punishment

These two bitches are without mercy when it comes to tormenting their toilet slave. They subject him to smelly feces eating but that is just the half of it. They whip him hard and manhandle him, stick thicker and thicker things up his asshole and pound it in deep. Then they make him eat their shit. He vomits the shit in the floor and he has to eat it again for wasting it.

Extremely Shitty Toilet Slave Punishment

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