Slave Suffocated by Messy Feces

This masked slave lies down for his scat fetish session but he has no idea that his domina has diarrhea. He finds out indeed quick when she squats down over him. Her butthole spreads apart and messy poo drops out of her ass hole and fully covers his face. His mouth and nose are covered in scat so he starts suffocating. Every time he attempts to breathe in, he gets nothing but poop.

Slave Suffocated by Messy Shit

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Lady Johanna abases her slave

Because lady Johanna has a big booty and is curvy, she is able to loser many and get her way. That is what happened inbetween her and this boy. She made sure he was hooked on her before she embarked to humiliate him. She made him wear a gas mask and then eliminated part of it to make him drink her pee. He was tied up and had to do what she wanted.

Lady Johanna humiliates her slave

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A scat queen loves poo

A lovely mistresses going to showcase off her amazing assets to a slave. One of them is her capability to take a nice big poop. She is going to pull up her skirt so that she can demonstrate her dirty butthole, because her slave is going to end up cleaning her booty. She thinks it is so funny that her slave is so loyal to her.

A scat goddess loves poo

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