Alexa makes massive pile of poo

Domina Alexa has to take a massive feces so she takes off her pink undies and leaves them around her ankles as she squats down over a plastic container on the floor. She takes her poo and fills the container with it and then shoves the container towards you. As you look at her creamy feces in the container she gets impatient and wants to know if you are only going to sniff it or if you are going to eat her masterpiece.

Alexa makes massive pile of poo

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Lady Diana penalizes cheap skate

Lady Diana is a hot stripper. This man desired a super private and vip time with her. She agreed. But the boy did not have the money she desired. He was a cheap skate and the dominatrix could have none of it. After entertaining him, he couldn’t pay her. So she got her payment in another way. She coerced him to eat her kaviar and then almost gasped him by wrapping a plastic foil on his head. Then she made clean all the mess up.

Lady Diana punishes cheap skate

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Sexy Asian mistresses takes massive crap

This sexy Asian domina is in the bathroom and she stands up on the toilet cup and squats down over the cup and has her booty facing the camera so you do not miss any of the activity. This sexy stunner shows off her puckering ass hole and then starts pushing out the massively thick log and it hands on her asshole for a moment before landing into the toilet water below her asshole.

Sexy Asian mistresses takes massive shit

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Princess Tina shits on very first slave

Princess Tina truly has to take a massive crap and she is excited because this for the very first time ever she is defecating on a human toilet! She can not wait to cover her slaves face and pack his mouth with her warm creamy and stinky poop! She squats down over her slaves mouth without using a portable toilet and shits directly into her slaves open mouth packing it with her creamy logs.

Princess Tina shits on first slave

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The Mummies Files! Tina And Rosella Part 1

Here in the very first part, of this fresh movie series: The MILFs-Files , attended a User, Tina ( DirtyTina ) and me on, 14:07:16, in our Fuck Flatshare! The user dreamed to piss us two horny Mummies in our mouth and we should gulp its spicy urinate. No problem, so the the fellow, pissed us, a phat amount of piss in our throats. While he alternately us in our throats, he shoved his dick while he on, even in our mouths, so he us directly in our throats! Since he had to pee so much and could not stop, he us both, also in the process our tits full! Tina and I shared his piss, in which, we, gave us horny piss kisses!

The Milfs Files! Tina And Rosella Part 1

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Wifey & Mistress Against Man! Full Movie

Wifey and dominatrix discovered each other and the fact is, they don’t even know the fellow is a cheating sonofabitch! So they determined to confront the man and penalize him together! They corner him in the house and they take turns slobbering on and kicking him! They puke their lunch all over his assets and make him drown him foul-smelling liquid filled with food bits!

Wife & Mistress Against Man! Full Movie

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