Nikki’s scat with extra vitamin

You get the best view on Nikki's spread ass hole, while she presses out a thick turd to feed her slave! He takes it inbetween his teeth directly out of her anus and starts chewing to be able to guzzle everything he receives. Then she takes a spoon to feed him the rest. To give her slave some extra vitamin, she puts peanuts on her chocolates and laughs from the sickening view.

Nikki's scat with extra vitamin

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Dominatrix Gaia Gives Slave Shit Training

Domina Gaia is doing a service to her slave by demonstrating him exactly how to eat her feces so he can get the most out of it without wasting it. She spreads her sweet and supple gams and drops a pile of kaviar on the floor. She shows the slave how to arch down and get a throatful of scat. She then instructs him to chew on it and swallow it.

Mistress Gaia Gives Slave Shit Training

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Lady Jessica arse out

Lady Jessica is so much joy, but when she is in her bathroom, her slave Jonas is going to get on his palms and knees for her. Little does he know that she is going to make him clean her g-spot free from her dirty tampon. He must pull the tampon out with his teeth, no matter how dirty and bloody the tampon is. She wants him to clean her tampon next.

Lady Jessica ass out

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Dominatrix Roxy punishes boyfriend for cheating

Dominatrix Roxy wished to display her soon to be ex bf how disgusted she was with what he had done. He had cheated on her with a married woman and she was mad. She made him lie down on the bathroom floor and she did not even care to hear him begging her for forgiveness. She stripped and poop down on him and made sure he ate it. When he was done, she broke up with him.

Mistress Roxy punishes boyfriend for cheating

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