Domme Emily tries shit fetish

Dominatrix Emily has an booty to die for. She loves her butt and likes to indulge it and find out amazing things she can do with it. That is how she came to know about feces fetish. She determined to attempt it and she went and got a kinky fellow. She promised him mind blowing sex in exchange for him eating her shit and drinking her pee. To her utter amazement, he agreed.

Mistress Emily tries shit fetish

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Alexa Poo Poos for You

Alexa Poo loves to display her booty and slit up close while she shits and pisses right in your face. She empties her bladder and fills your mouth with her golden nectar before squeezing nasty turds out of her butt. She wants you to be her human toilet paper and slurp the poop out of her booty and all the warm piss off of her pussy. She loves to humiliate you in this way.

Alexa Poo Poos for You

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Now You Are Officially A Toilet Part 6 Britany

This is our Movie that consumed a Lot of Resources to make it the Way we desired. And still…
Two Guys are looking for work and find Nicole that hires them as permanent Toilets and brief Time later, they find themselves tied up under the Toilet in a Club. Here they are with no Option left other then gulp all this Poo coming their Faces Way
English Subtitles

Now You Are Officially A Toilet Part 6 Britany

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Defecating on her nice couch

A dominatrix is going to take the largest crap on her couch, but there is a catch. She is also going to crap on her slave at the same time. She will laugh as he is attempting to get her ass hole plugged up, but she doesn’t care. Her anus will shove out tons of shit right on this stupid loser fucking face. She hates him.

Shitting on her nice couch

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