Scatha the aggressive disciplinarian mistress

Scatha is a rigorous disciplinarian. She likes to make her slaves obey her every instruction and the way she does it is to make sure that they never leave behind it in the very first place. So she seeks to remind them always. She likes to take them by surprise and degrade them. Her penalties are random too so that they do not know what to expect. This time round she used her crap.

Scatha the cruel disciplinarian mistress

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Domme Isabella penalizes her friend’s slave

Dominatrix Isabella is not like other mistresses. She does not like to humiliate and degrade a slave unless she has a very good reason to do so. That is what happened today. She was minding her own business when her friend came and asked her to penalize her slave because he was rude and she could not treat him. She used her poo to penalize the slave and he instantaneously switched his ways and her friend never had trouble with the slave again.

Mistress Isabella punishes her friend's slave

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