Princess Nikki shits into slaves mouth

Princess Nikki has a regular schedule and tonight after eating a large dinner she has to take a crap and fortunate for her she has a slave ready to be her human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and has him open his mouth. Then she squats down and puts her arse right above his mouth and thrusts out her puny creamy logs and then fall from her butt right into his mouth and he licks them all.

Princess Nikki shits into slaves mouth

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14 lady’s and one toilet slave

This toilet slave has to take a lot of feces! There are 14 hot woman’s willing to poop into the mouth of the slave. He has to eat a lot of poo! And the women have no grace. They shit onto his face and have a lot of joy. The slave swallows the shit and don’t want to get more but the girls don’t stop. In this clip you can watch Diana shitting on his face!

14 girls and one toilet slave

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