Mommy Makes Baby Eat Poop!

My vulnerable little baby, Mommy loves making you suffer. You are my sweet little toilet slave baby. I love making you eat my crap and drink my piss, baby. You’re so petite and vulnerable, you have to do everything I tell you to do. And I can do anything I want to you, baby. I can make you slurp my labia, I can kaviar in your diapers and your bottle and even shove my poop down your mouth! I can ass-plug your little baby arse and order you to wear dirty diapers forever! You are mine, baby!
You love your Mommy, don’t you? You love Mommy’s sexy bod! Mommy’s big jummy milk packed boobies? And you love Mommy’s booty! You know that’s where your food comes from! You eat nothing but Mommy’s feces! And you drink nothing but Mommy’s piss!
But today I have a special treat for you! I’m going to let you drink milk from a bottle! But very first Mommy is going to crap in your diaper and in your bottle! You will be drinking milk from a bottle with Mommy’s poop in it while you sit in a diaper packed with Mommy’s shit! You are going to stink so bad while you drink your feces bottle!
I hope you love sitting in your shitty diaper, baby! It’s going to be a long time before I switch you! Now eat Mommy’s feces and be a good baby!

Mommy Makes Baby Eat Shit!

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