Slave Facesitting With Mouth Defecating Pissing As Well As Drooling And Licking Boots!

Once again a user had advertised as toilet slave at me. The fresh slave had to lie down on the floor and I did it very first time my drool in in his mouth spat. After he had guzzled my slobber I have a nice big explosion of piss piss him in his mouth. That was so much that he gasped. Then I set my anus on his face and mouth. And I had to shit abruptly and I pooped him in his mouth. Before he was permitted my delicious kaviar to guzzle I thrust deep with the heel of my boots my poop down in his mouth. Then he had the heels to suck and lick clean. Now he was allowed to eat my shit and thereby to jerk his cock untill spraying. Finally he had the pee, that had landed on the floor, to surp. Brave slave!

Slave Facesitting With Mouth Shitting Peeing As Well As Spitting And Licking Boots!

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