What is the Difference?

There is a significant difference between prostitutes and companions. The primary goal of a prostitute is to provide sex and get money quickly. They want to be compensated for providing sexual satisfaction and move on to the next client. Some commercial sex workers have addictions to alcohol and drugs. A majority of them do not offer conversation or experiences that clients live to remember. That’s because they don’t have admirable personalities.

On the other hand, companions are professionals that focus on having quality time with their clients. They are not just after being paid for providing sexual satisfaction. Their goal is to have moments that will be memorable to them and their clients. What’s more, these models are not paid to provide sexual satisfaction. The money you give a companion is a token of appreciation for the time she spends with you. You don’t pay for sex or any illegal activity.

The Bottom Line

Escort Backpage Vegas are different from prostitutes in the way they work and what they offer. While companions are paid for providing companionship, prostitutes are paid for providing sexual satisfaction.

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